Bing for SEOWe recommend ignoring Bing for SEO. Does this sound like masochism? Perhaps. Companies that are given decades to get it right and they just cannot quite get it should be ignored. They prove themselves increasingly irrelevant by their poor design practices, then try to make up for it by buying out products that have been designed correctly. That would be ok, but they then redesign the product and destroy it. Take Skype as an example.It worked beautifully until Microsoft bought them out. Now there are no end of troubles with the product.

Foreign Company on Bing for SEO

Try setting up a business entry for a foreign company on Bing for SEO and although they allow you to choose the country, you must enter an American state. Absurd? Absolutely. What is worse is there is a work around through that used to be a Nokia service (which was bought by Microsoft as well). But Bing does not have any method itself for listing the business.

American Companies on Bing for SEO

Try listing an American business on Bing for SEO, such as ours, where the domain contains a very common abbreviation of your company name. “Dev” is “Development” in all professional circles. Yet, when we went to register at Bing it rejected our domain because it could not verify that it matched our business name closely enough. That would be ok for any company EXCEPT a search engine. The search engine’s primary job is to parse and identify exactly these kinds of alternatives to words and phrases.

Our conclusion from these two major failures of Bing is that you should just abandon Bing for SEO and focus your efforts on Google for search engine listings. Now we know one of the reasons Google has won the war, though it has its own serious issues. That only means the industry is still ripe for a new champion.