Website as a Marketing Tool

Too many business owners we have met are misled about the purpose of a business website. They treat it like an extension of their personal ego. The owners who make the successful transition to Online business are able to put that aside and see their website as a marketing tool. What is the purpose of any part of your business that is facing your customers? To market your brand, regardless the specific goals of that particular item, such as the front page of your company website.

One kind of failed business website is the showcase. They have worked hard on developing or paid someone a large amount of money to develop a beautiful site that functions perfectly, technically speaking. However, they either have so little traffic there are no sales or there is sufficient traffic, but no conversions of that traffic to paid clients. It is clear that they need a website as a marketing tool.

Another kind we have seen is the mine field. It is a site that was started with good intentions. The front page may even look perfect. However, as soon as you step out into the site things explode in your face. There are gaping holes here and there. There is no way anyone can call this a website as a marketing tool.

We perform a website audit unlike any other you may have heard of. Our audit is to measure your business website for effectiveness in marketing your brand. We will deliver a detailed report and our plan for a website revision.

In the audit we may look for items such as live chat and strategic CTA’s (Calls to Actions). There are many other features we consider even more crucial to a company website as a marketing tool. When we are finished with the revision of your website your clients will interact more fluidly with your brand. You will see an increase in your conversion rates of traffic to paid clients.