Craigslist Ad PostingBusiness owners who request Craigslist Ad Posting of their products and services fall into one of two categories. Either they have never tried it before or they tried posting ads from in-house without success. Many business owners turn to CL as a marketing channel because they have read a couple of articles that swear to God that CL generates massive revenue. Where have we heard that before? There is no end to the wild claims posted without penalty on the Internet. It would do you wise to take them all with a grain of salt. CL is like any other marketing channel. If you are going to either hire Craigslist Ad Posting or do it yourself, you must treat it like traditional marketing to achieve significant results. That means you must budget in Market Research and address the formal issues, such as Competition Analysis, Target Demographics, SWOT, and the 4 P’s. These are just the foundations to a successful Marketing Campaign.

Craigslist TOS Disclaimer

Let me make a disclaimer. I am not advocating violating CL’s TOS through spamming their ad site. However, they have placed in their TOS that a person or business may not contract out to a third party to post. This is going too far, dictating to you how you do your business, in ways that do not affect CL’s website. So, I do advocate ignoring that and hiring a third party if you choose. Just do not advertise in forums that you are looking to break CL’s TOS through 3rd-party Craigslist Ad Posting or the forum moderators will likely ban you from the forum.

Marketing Research in Craigslist Ad Posting

We are not experts in every product or service out there, though we are expert Business Developers, Marketers, Advertisement Agents, Management Developers, and Organizational Specialists, among other things. We highly value intelligent Market Research that impacts the ROI of our client. Although many business owners have an adverse reaction to the idea of Market Research, it does provide the critical insight that makes every dollar spent on Marketing far more effective and efficient. Market Research informs us as Marketing agents with concrete facts about which categories draw the right target demographics for your offers and how they respond to certain advertising elements, among other important clues to developing a successful advertising campaign.

Craigslist Ad Posting Pricing

When you hire a third party for Craigslist Ad Posting the quote may or may not include ad creation. We provide a lower quote that includes only posting ads, so they go live – avoiding ghosting. It does not include content writing, photo preparation, ad creation, decisions about which city/area to post in, which category and sub-category to post in, nor the timing of the posting. At our lowest Craigslist Ad Posting price, those are issues you, the client, must prepare for us ahead of time. Among the more professional firms involved in Craigslist Ad Posting, this is the norm. Those who throw all of it in for very low prices are exactly the ones you do not want making those kinds of important decisions.

The Best ROI

The best results come from allowing us to do our full job. That means we use perform Market Research first. We sit down with you and address the other foundational Marketing issues mentioned above. Then we make decisions about all of those other issues. After this preparation we write content, informed with the Market Research and foundational information, prepare the photos, and create the ads. Finally, we get to the Craigslist Ad Posting. As you can understand, doing it the right way costs more money, but it saves you much more money and time, makes you more money, and spares you headaches in the end. Your ROI is higher when you do Craigslist Ad Posting the right way.

The True Value of the Ad

Business owners also believe that if they have 100 ads posted to CL they should get phone calls the same day they are posted. This is an unreasonable expectation. You may get phone calls off an ad you post, but if the people calling do not buy or few of them buy or the items bought do not amount to much revenue, then you are not reaching the correct Target Demographics. This can be measured by taking the total revenue and calculating the total profit from the calls that were generated by the ad. Then you must calculate the amount of time taken to field the calls, all the calls, and estimate the value on that time spent. Subtract the value of the time spent. Then subtract the cost of the ad itself, total. Your result is the value of the ad.

A mistake small business owners make with Craigslist Ad Posting is that they will feel that an ad did well, because it generated interest, resulting in calls. However, if they fielded 20 calls and only one bought, then they wasted the time on the other 19 calls, which must be weighed into the perception of the value of that ad. The feelings lie to us. Compare that to an ad that produces no phone calls. This ad is more valuable than one that produces 20 phone calls, either with no sales or sales that do not offset the amount of time spent on the phone with all 20 callers. In each case, neither ad is reaching the Target Demographics, but one of them is not using as many resources. Can you guess which one? The one that produces no calls.


This goes against our gut instinct, but it is an accurate appraisal and it teaches us a couple of very important lessons in business. Always criticize your own gut instinct and try to prove it wrong. If you cannot, then it is correct, but if you prove it wrong, you must go against it and follow the facts. Facts will never mislead you if you ask the correct questions. Knowing how to formulate the profitable questions is what MBA training does for a professional. That is exactly one of our strongest skills here at U.S. Business Development. Contact us now for a free consultation on Craigslist Ad Posting for your business.