Video Content

Video is one of the best media for businesses to promote their brand through, though not the only. Some products require the visitor to be able to get to the website, read the information in short format, make a call to action, and leave happy. Unfortunately, there are many who do not perceive this need. Instead a website is loaded with videos for every product or topic and the visitors do not have time to sit through a presentation on every single topic or product.

Obviously, if you want to use video content to promote your brand you should provide a written alternative for the visitors with little time. Give them a snapshot of what is in the video.

This is only one small aspect of the business decisions required in video content. It is a very tricky tool and there are many who have tripped up and ruined their brands with it only because they were unwilling to hire a professional.

When we manage your video content we teach you how to do a video shoot, but we produce the video, clean up the audio, insert segues, place still shots, and schedule for publishing. We go the extra mile though, by promoting your brand utilizing your video library. We embed individual videos in email campaigns, Social Media posts, articles on your business website, and cross promote as well. Let us take care of your video content needs by hiring us to manage your entire Online and traditional marketing needs.