Social Media

Social Media Marketing Strategies are some of the most abused marketing tools among small to medium sized businesses. Too often we find companies assigning Social Media tasks to office workers. This is usually the case when the owner is grossly deficient in foundational business technology and professional marketing knowledge. The owner then turns to the person in the office who has the most experience with technology. Unfortunately, this tends to be someone who merely knows how to post on Facebook or Twitter.

We have seen only one business that successfully drove significant traffic to their phones through their Facebook page, but even she eventually opened a call center to generate significant growth. You must come to terms that you cannot assign your marketing to an office staff member. That does not generate true growth in your client base.

Another mistake businesses make is to believe they can learn everything they need to know about Social Media Marketing by reading articles online. We are intimately involved in the content writing industry and we can testify that most of these articles are written by people with no knowledge in professional marketing. They grab a page from a Google search and re-write it enough to pass the plagiarism tests Google applies to content. The articles they re-write are written by another writer doing the same as them. This is true not only of written content, but also of video content.

There are a plethora of videos on how to make a YouTube Video. None of them address all of the aspects required of a business to produce a professional video and to manage this video and its traffic professionally. Notice that I keep using the word professional. Most content online will not get you to a professional level in business. You will waste far more time searching for the right material than it costs to hire an actual professional. Then you will spend all of your time doing the job that the professional you should have hired would have been doing. And who is running your business? Exactly!

We conduct a Social Media Accounts Review regularly. This allows us to freshen up the appearance, update information, put out new offers, and monitor how the channels are performing. We manage your Social Media accounts by unifying the graphic identity, posting regularly, responding to the public, promoting your brand, and creating video content for distribution across Social Media channels. We take care of your reputation and build your brand through Social Media.