SEO is Search Engine Optimization. That means adjusting the content of the site to raise Google’s estimation of the relevance to certain keywords that are used to search in Google Search Engine. When you write an article you will focus on a certain key phrase. This is the key phrase you want to rank for in Google. SEO is the skill of making your page rank higher in the Google search results for that key phrase.

Most business websites require an SEO plan. However, some business decisions may require the website not be found through Google Search. For example, if the business is offering services targeting very large corporations or very wealthy clients the business may not want to be bothered by the person who would search in Google for their services. In this case, the website may even be by invitation only. There may be a login system in place, in which case SEO would be useless, unless there was permission given to Google bots to circumvent the login system. However, any bot can call itself Google Bot and get around such restrictions.

Most business websites will require SEO. The ranking we talked about earlier increases the amount of traffic to the page that is ranked. You want more customers? Then you have to have solid SEO on every page and every article of your website.

Our team will perform an SEO audit of your website. Based on our findings we will then perform an implementation of SEO. We will also monitor your ranking for the key phrases chosen and regularly review and expand the SEO. We do this by ensuring that relevant and significant content is regularly added to your website and that it has correct SEO for ranking. We will also perform external SEO measures to increase the authority of your website within your field of business.

SEO is not something you do once and forget about it. SEO is a competitive measure to stay on top of the rankings in Google search results. While we are performing SEO measures for your web pages and articles your competitors are doing the same. They are fighting to unseat you from the #1 spot for some key phrase we have worked hard to win. So we must continue to strengthen our position to make it as difficult as possible for them to succeed. This competition never lets up. So SEO is part of the regular budget and we schedule it in the marketing actions.