Content Creation

Content creation is critical in building authority. Building authority builds trust and drives traffic both at once. Needless to say, this is one aspect of Digital Marketing that cannot be ignored.

We have written over 3 million words for clients. So we can say that we are experts at content creation. When we manage your Marketing one thing we will leverage for building authority and driving traffic to your business is content.

Content creation and posting is not merely a matter of writing an article as you would for English class in high school or college. Many other factors must be considered. For example, we should ask what is the business goal of this particular article and of all your articles as a whole.

We would apply our deep knowledge of SEO to the writing in context of the entire body of writings. In fact, content, whether it is written, podcasts, videos, or anything else, needs to be built up into a bank of materials. This bank becomes useful for your business to draw on for your clients. It is for use throughout your business for building authority and driving traffic.

When we plan out and create your content we do it on a schedule. It is important that the content be created regularly. When you dump a lot of content all at once and then do not post any for weeks, it appears as if you were not committed to your business. We demonstrate your commitment by creating content and scheduling it to automatically publish at specific intervals. Now you understand how content creation contributes to building authority and driving traffic.