Our Purpose

US Business Dev is a registered California business that exists to build businesses in the US. Our goal is to make the US stronger by making businesses better and raising the quality of life for all Americans. Our goal is better products, reliable and moral work environments, and more efficient and timely results from marketing that increases the profitability of business in the US.

Who Are We?

We are a company with extensive experience in both the US and Europe serving companies in size from mom and pops shops, soho’s, startups, entrepreuneurial ventures, mid-sized, schools, and Fortune 500’s (i.e. Nestle, Merck, Avon, Sony, Vattenfall).  We have experience running political campaigns and especially with fundraising, marketing, PR, substitute speaking, and leadership development.

We worked on a campaign for a candidate for European Union Parliamentar, focusing on leadership evaluation and training. We were placed as Campaign Management for the Primary Campaign of Ron Gold for Attorney General 2014 and won his campaign, opening him to direct management by the Republican Party in the General Elections.

We were tasked with various projects with Fortune 500’s in Europe, involving Marketing, Business Development, and Leadership Training/Preparation.

We have pioneered a technique of mass email marketing that adheres to the requirements of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL while achieving a rate of approximately 1 million per day for a single campaign. This is only one concrete example of how we are developing breakthrough tools and techniques to empower our clients and increase ROI.